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Gas Fireplace Logs

 The fireplace has been part of our homes for generations, symbolizing a spacewhere a family can gather in comfort and harmony, no matter the circumstances. We believe in the metaphor “home is where you can gather by the fireplace” to remember the power and impact a good fireplace can have, and the need to find and curate the best fireplace alternatives for the modern family.  In terms of utility, fireplaces are a must-have for maintaining the thermal temperatures for your home, and adding a unique décor to your room. However, traditional fireplaces that burn wood add to the maintenance and additional costs. Cleaning the ashes, waiting for the wood to catch fire, and adding more wood, all add to the hassle. This is where Gas Logs step in. Gas log sets offer a near maintenance-free and eco-friendly alternative for normal wood based fireplace and furnaces. Made from strong ceramics, clays, refractory cements, these fake fireplace logs offer many of advantages:
  • •High quality gas log sets are extremely detailed, offering real-life natural looking logs with detailed grain structures.
  • •These high density logs generate more radiant heat both during operation and after you have turned off the gas.
  • •Thanks to their high refractory properties and durability under high heat, gas fireplace logs can withstand heat for longer periods of time, ensuring that you and your family receives an outstanding thermal experience
  • •A wide range of fireplace accessories and gas log accessories that will enable you to easily install, use, and enhance the experience of your gas log set. Common gas log accessories include: embers, remote controlsfireplace fire glass, and more.

 Cost-effective, efficient, easy-to-install, and simple to use, gas log sets are the perfect choice for the modern family.

Gas Logs, Wood, or Electric?

We choose gas logs and here's why. While we understand the appeal of the traditional wood-burning fireplace or fireplace insert, the additional attention, maintenance costs, and relatively low heat output makes it hard to justify their utility especially in our fast paced lifestyles. Wood burning fireplaces leave ash, need a constant supply of dry firewood, require time to start, and pose potential fire risks. Additionally, the vent and chimney also require routine maintenance. Eventhough electric fireplaces have minimal to no maintenance, they use tons of electricity which costs you more money every year. Furthermore they don't resemble the appearance of a real fire, and don't produce as much heat. Gas logs on the other hand are a convenient method of keeping your taste for fireplaces without the taxing upkeep.  They are nearly maintenance-free, easy-to-install, simple to light, offer a lot of heat compared to wood, and are available in variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. For these reasons gas log sets are your best option.

Gas Log Gurus — Simplifying Your Gas Logs Choice

We only stock gas logs from the best manufacturers like Real Fyre by R.H. Peterson and several other industry top brands. All our gas logs are reinforced, while providing a detailed natural look, and offer extended operations for your money’s worth. If you are looking for the right gas logs, then your search begins by selecting from one of the two types of gas logs that can best serve your needs.

#1 Selecting the Right Type of Gas Logs

Vented Gas Logs | Vent Free Gas Logs

When you shop through our website, you will come across two types of gas logs — vented gas logs and vent free gas logs. Your choice depends on a range of factors, including the location of your fireplace, looks, heat efficiency, and local building codes.  Both of them come equipped with gas log pilot kit, and a range of gas log accessories. All of which are suited for different scenarios and needs.

What’s the Difference between Vented and Vent-Free Gas Logs?

Vented Gas Logs

Vented gas logs operate inside a real fireplace capable of burning real wood. They are better at simulating a roaring fire from real burning wood. As a result, they are installed inside a real wood-burning fireplace (or a pre-fabricated, fake fireplace). They are burned with open damper or flue of the chimney so that the exhaust can easily flow out.  Vented gas logs burn with a fiery yellow flame. Additionally, the vented exhaust allows the flame to dance and wrap itself around the logs, creating a more realistic look. However, they are not as effective in generating heat as the vent free gas logs because heat is lost through the chimney.

Ventless/Vent Free Gas Logs

Vent free gas logs, on the other hand, work with the chimney damper/flue closed. They utilize specially designed gas log burner that cleanly burn the gas, leaving almost negligible exhaust and fumes in the air.  As a result, they are more efficient — almost 100% of the heat generated stays with you. However, they don’t create the roaring feel from the fire nor create the realistically high flames you’d expect from a real wood-burning fireplace. Additionally, these vent-free heaters add moisture to the air, and should only be used in well-ventilated places. They are not permitted for installation or use in areas that are not well ventilated.

#2 Selecting Gas Log Styles

The biggest concern of lovers of traditional wood burning fireplaces has been the lack of choices for ceramic gas logs previously offered by manufacturers. Those concerns no longer hold true. Thanks to improved manufacturing processes and better materials, a range of realistic gas logs designs are available. You can find natural gas logs designs  that resemble live cedar, driftwood, oak, red oak, post oak, rustic oak. Additionally, contemporary designs include see through logs, and many more! If you are looking for a gas log set for your outdoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit we have gas log sets made to withstand environmental elements as well.  


Our gas logs collection curates the best manufacturers in the world, including the following: Empire Gas Logs, Majestic Gas Logs, Hargrove Gas Logs, Real Fyre Gas Logs by R.H. Peterson, Napoleon Gas Logs, Monessen Gas Logs, Rasmussen Gas Logs.

#3 The Right Fuel For Your Gas Log

Natural Gas | Propane

Whether you are purchasing outdoor gas logsor indoor gas logs, it has to run on fuel. When it comes to choosing the fuel for your gas logs, you have two options:

  • Natural gas
  • Liquid propane

Natural Gas Logs

Natural gas is lighter than air, and hence readily diffuses into the air when burning. As a result, the heat generated is comparatively less compared to LP. However, it also costs less.  Natural gas logs are hard-piped and are directly to existing gas service lines. Hence, they require that you have existing hard-piping for natural gas supply. If you have other appliances that use natural gas such as a dryer, water heater, heater, or any other gas burning appliance then you are ready for a gas log set.

Liquid Propane Gas Logs

LP gas is denser than Natural Gas and burns hotter than natural gas. However, LP is only available in tanks.  Which means any liquid propane gas logs sets will need to be connected to an external LP tank. Unlike natural gas, LP will deplete overtime and will need to be refueled. 

Gas Logs — The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Cutting and Burning Wood

Fireplaces play an integral role when it comes to creating a loving home environment where you can feel comfortable and at home. They make any home warmer and more enjoyable. However, traditional wood burning fireplaces are a boon to housekeeping and have a negative impact on the environment.  Firewood leaves ashes, making cleaning problematic and the maintenance is taxing. This is where gas logs come into play. They give you the advantage of a fully functional fireplace without the common problems associated with regular fireplaces. If you don't have a chimney, the direct vent gas fireplaces are a great alternative.  Direct vent units pull new air from outside and vent the exhaust with the same stovepipe. These units can be vented through a wall or roof directly.  

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