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What Size Logs do I need?

What Size Logs do I need?
How To Measure For Gas Logs

Measuring your fireplace for gas logs is very easy to do, and includes 3 measurements:

1. Width across front of fireplace 2. Width across back of fireplace 3. Depth of fireplace

You may use this chart to determine the size set which is best for your fireplace.

It is recommended that you allow an additional 4" on each side of the log set to fit in the fireplace.

To add a manual control valve (if your fireplace does not have a valve) then allow 8" on each side.

Fireplace width/ Suggested Log Size

20"-21" / 16"

22"-30" / 18"

31"-36" / 24"

37"-45" / 30"

46"-51" / 36"

All natural gas sets include: Special custom grate, Ceramic/refractory logs, Special silica sand, Glowing embers, Custom-fit full-sized burner pan, safety damper clamp and an Installation kit. You just need a fireplace that can safely burn wood and has gas available to it. Everything else is included! NOTE: These gas log sets are designed to be operated in a fully functional, wood-burning, vented fireplace with the damper completely open.

LP (Propane) sets include: Vermiculite granules instead of silica sand, LP orifice and safety pilot kit

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